Grizzlies and Vols Donuts

We’ve been feeling some serious pride in our sports teams lately so we made these great Grizzlies and Vols donuts.

While the Grizzlies run in the playoffs may be over we couldn’t be more proud of all they have accomplished as a team to make it to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Grizzlies Donut

Here we have our VOLS donuts to celebrate graduation at our alma mater.

Vols Donuts

For the Grizzlies donut we dyed vanilla frosting to get the blue and yellow colors. We also did the same in the Vols donuts to get that beautiful UT orange.

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Easter Nest Donuts

One of our friends gave us this idea and we are so excited about how good it turned out!

Easter Nest Donut

After rummaging through the Easter section at Wal-Mart in pursuit of the perfect eggs we found these great malted milk eggs to top the donut. Underneath the eggs we have a nest of dyed coconut flakes and vanilla frosting.  A truly tasty and cute treat!

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We are officially blogging!

We officially have a blog now!  We can’t believe how technologically advanced we’ve become with this new store!  While we love sharing things through Facebook we thought a blog would be a great way to connect with the community and give more information about upcoming products, specials, events, etc.!

With this being said we are officially gearing up for an exciting Easter this April with our Incredible Edible Easter Basket!  This has been an Easter treat we have been serving up for years but we are really excited to go all out on Easter this year since now we are our own independent and local store.

The Incredible Edible Easter Basket

The Incredible Edible Easter basket has many delicious components that make it an Easter favorite.  We start out with a regular shell (no hole in the middle) donut and top it with vanilla icing,  We then add green granulated sugar, sprinkles, jelly beans, an edible bunny and a colorful pipe cleaner to give it the Easter basket effect!

We are currently brainstorming on other Easter treats and will keep you all updated as they come!  As of right now the launch of our Incredible Edible Easter Basket will be Thursday, March 24!  Be sure to stop by and pick up one (or a few!) for your kids or yourself!

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