Our Story

Recently opened in December 2010, Donuts & More serves up Jackson, Tennessee’s freshest and best donuts!  We have a unique story and want to share it with anyone who visits or plans on visiting our store.

Originally our store started out as a Mister Donut.  It was eventually bought out by Dunkin’ Donuts and for twenty years we ran our store under the Dunkin’ brand.  Eventually we were up to sign another franchise agreement with the company that would extend the contract for another twenty years.  Hesitant as to whether or not we could sign on for that long, we had to unfortunately cut our ties with Dunkin’.  We were absolutely devastated to think of the possibility of closing our shop.  Some of our staff have worked here for more than 20 years and we have a regular customer base who come in every morning.  What were all of these people to do if there was no donut shop?

Then a crazy thought hit us.  What if we opened up our own individual store?  Could we still offer great product?  A whirlwind of ideas eventually came to fruition and we opened our new store a mere week after Dunkin’ closed its doors on Christmas Eve 2010.  With the help of our regular customer base and word of mouth we were soon seeing curious customers coming through the doors curious as to what happened but eager to try our new donuts.  Eventually these same people kept coming back…telling us our great our donuts were!  We were absolutely delighted and were so glad the community was happy we decided to keep the business open and make it local.

Since our opening we have been working to become more involved in the community.  As a local business we want the community of Jackson to know we are here for their help and support!  We are so happy to be located in a town with such great people and we hope to continue to serve you all the best donuts West Tennessee has to offer!


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